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Dialogys v4.6

Dialogys v4.6

Dialogys v4.6 With Program For The Diagnosis Of Renault Nissan Ddt2000 | 8.78 GB

Dialogys - an electronic version of the documentation for RENAULT and after sales car RENAULT, DACIA. Also present in the assembly of Renault - Nissan DDT2000 - Service software for diagnostics and maintenance of vehicles.

Dialogys - an electronic version of the documentation for RENAULT and after sales car RENAULT, DACIA.
Dialogys includes everything guidance on repair, diagnostics, and parts catalogs for all models of cars to Renault. Circuit wiring in this program.
Tehnoty MRy and a French car after about 1996. release.
Knock on the car VINu if you are not the dealer, DO NOT POSSIBLE!

1. DVD0
2. DVD1
3. DVD2
4. DVD3
5. DVD4
(Comply with the order)
Who is the program under Dacia wants to see a list of models, we make the following procedure:
find in the folder X: \ Dialogys \ data \ pr file ListeDocDacia, open in notepad and then "modele =" line is entered: 37-38-39-40 and save!

Renault - Nissan DDT2000
Allows you to perform complete diagnostics of vehicle ECU (engine-injector, automatic transmission, ABS + ESP, airbags, climate control, a standard xenon TSEKB, dashboard)
Includes means for flashing the ECU (requires special database, while never found).
It also allows servicing of cars pumping the brakes and block ABS, setup ABS, prescription injectors, check tire pressure sensors, activation / deactivation of airbags and much more, to which I have not dug.
Allows real-time tracking of hundreds of parameters of the vehicle as well as preserve the history of changes in the parameters file xml or txt.
Almost complete replacement of the official diagnostic complex CLIP!
Includes a set of low-level tools to work with the interface vehicle.
It works through the interfaces K, KL, or CAN.
The program interface - English, French, Japanese. Language diagnostics only French, but if you know the car and electronics - all quite clear.
Version works as an ActiveX-based component IE5.0 and above.
Version is placed on top Version as an update and includes a standalone application to work without IE.

A. So if you want updates from the folder "Internet Explorer Updates" and "dotnet"
Two. Install (if not previously installed) vbrun60sp5.exe and msxml3.msi from the folder "Add Software-data"
Three. Start the installation DDT2000_v2.0.9.0_setup_full_RENAULT.exe
4. Delete the installer created a folder "C: \ DDT2000Data"
Five. Unzip into the root "C: \" file in the folder DDT2000Data.rar "Add Software-data"
To install the update to version
A. Start the installation DDT2000_v2.3.0.1_setup_full_RENAULT.exe
Two. Find and zamenst in a subfolder "\ DDT2000 \" file of the same name DDTregisterInfo.dll archived file DDTregisterInfo.rar

Extras. Information: On Vista64 flatly refuses to run. I would be grateful if someone will share the method of execution.
UPD: Finally realized COPY files DDT2000 of "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ DDT2000 \" to "C: \ Program Files \ DDT2000 \". It works!
I tried to connect via Lagunu2 KL-adapter MasterKit BM9213. This adapter works like the old laptops (up to 2006 year), to cease to see many new ECU. Always consistently seen only the automatic transmission control unit and TSEKB.

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